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The Hammam Spa Experience

Discover the relaxing, purifying benefits of the hammam treatment.

The relaxing, purifying benefits of this hot, humid steam treatment draw its origins from traditional Moroccan baths.

Scented with eucalyptus and heated to 36°, the steam eliminates toxins, activates blood circulation, eases muscle tension and clears airways.

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Hammam Session

Sessions include a locker access, bathrobe, towel and slippers as well as a selection of teas. Swimsuit mandatory.


60 min $35

Private Session before your Massage or Treatment

30 min $20

10 60-minute Sessions


Valid for a period of 4 months, available Monday to Thursday excluding holidays and from December 24 to January 2.

20 60-minute Sessions


Valid for a period of 4 months, available Monday to Thursday excluding holidays and from December 24 to January 2.

Hammam Treatments

For total relaxation, complete your hammam session with traditional treatments, known for their nourishing, restructuring and regenerative properties. Bringing you the best that nature and Middle East tradition have to offer, our treatments are developed with Charme d’Orient products, a pure and natural cosmetic line made from organic argan oil. Rich in antioxidants, these products also help to fight the signs of ageing and sagging of the skin.

All treatments take place in a private steam room and accommodate all skin types.


Inspired by traditional techniques, this ritual is a soothing journey that stimulates blood circulation while exfoliating and cleansing the skin. The treatment begins with a relaxing escape in the Hammam then moves on to a black soap and Kassa glove body scrub, a detoxifying rhassoul body wrap and pure argan oil massage.

Thousand And One Nights Ritual

Head to toe hammam treatment combining face and body; gentle eucalyptus vapors, mineralizing scrub with rose crystals and argan shell, a rhassoul wrap and application of a scented almond oil that will leave a veil of softness on the skin with sublime notes.

The Turkish Bath Ceremony immerses you in a cocoon of gentle warmth, where your skin is exfoliated and revitalized using our scrub made from alum stone, honey, and royal jelly. Your body is then covered with a soft and soothing foam, upon which we perform a relaxing treatment using organic Argan oil.

This ceremony will transport you to the summit of the refinement of the Hammams of Istanbul.

Exfoliations in Hammam

60 min $160

Our Eastern-inspired exfoliations begin in a shower scented with “fruit,” “flowers,” “oriental sweets” or “oriental perfumes.” Afterward, experience full body renewal with the application of pure argan oil or scented oils.

Purifying Black Soap Exfoliation

This treatment begins with a black soap scrub formulated from olive oil and olive paste, followed by an invigorating scrub with a Kessa glove to remove impurities and dead cells, leaving the skin silky smooth. The final application of pure argan oil moisturizes and renews the body.

Invigorating Alum Scrub

This scrub incorporates alum powder, abundant in purifying properties, as well as the sweetness of honey and royal jelly. It leaves the skin silky and fragrant while offering an uncompromised sense of wellbeing.

Softening Scrub with Berber Cereals

This preparation allows a very soft body scrub for the most sensitive skins by combining the benefits of cereals, honey and royal jelly. It is nourishing, softening and protective.

Regenerating Scrub with Rose Crystals and Argan Shell

This treatment incorporates sugar crystals, pink clay and argan nuts for a sensory experience that leaves your skin gently exfoliated.


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