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Body Care

Our body treatments are designed to hydrate, purify, nourish and tone the body.

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Our estheticians will be happy to help you find the best body treatment to suit your specific needs. 

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Treatments exclusive to Rainspa

CBD Muscle Relief

90 min $290

Begin with a hot stone therapy session on your hands and feet, promoting relaxation and warmth. Follow this with the application of thermal mud on your back, combined with hot stones for enhanced muscle relief. Conclude with a full-body massage using our CBD-infused oil and pain relief balm for a blissful combination of muscle relaxation and tranquility.

Lift C.V.S

This treatment from Biologique Recherche begins with an exfoliation session followed by a bio-reflex massage using a hydrating and dermo-protective complex. Then, the application of a firming serum or oil tones the epidermis and refines the skin’s texture. The techniques used with Lift C.V.S. Body target areas where the skin loses its elasticity, providing a firming and toning treatment that reshapes your body.

P50 New Skin

The P50 New Skin treatment from Biologique Recherche aims to improve skin texture, remove dead cells, and promote hydration. The P50 Lotion, known for its exfoliating and balancing properties, uses a massage glove to stimulate circulation and improve skin texture. Then, the application of moisturizing creams helps restore hydration after exfoliation.

Slimming Booster

The Slimming Booster treatment from Biologique Recherche aims to improve the appearance of cellulite and “orange peel” skin by promoting blood circulation to reshape the silhouette. Exfoliation with the massage glove and Lotion P50 stimulates circulation, promoting smoother skin. Results vary depending on genetic and hormonal factors, requiring regular treatments for lasting results.

Dermalogica Purifying Back Treatment

Entirely personalized back treatment that includes cleansing, exfoliation, mask, eventual blackhead relief and moisturizing of the skin, while providing muscle relief.

Rhassoul Body Wrap

A body wrap directly from the mountains of Morocco. This treatment consists of a scrub with mineralizing rose crystals and Argan shell, a Rhassoul wrap and an Argan butter sculpting, which leaves the skin wonderfully smooth.

Traveler care, light legs

Leg treatment with draining and tightening properties. Helps reduce swelling and heaviness in the legs after a flight or a long day’s walk. Helps regain lightness and softness through an exfoliation, a draining massage and a pressotherapy session.


  • Location

    55, rue St-Jacques
    On the 3rd floor, Hôtel Place d’Armes
    Vieux-Montréal, Québec, H2Y 1K9

    Valet parking at Hôtel Place d’Armes
    $20 for a duration of three hours


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    Sunday: 9am to 8pm
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    Saturday: 9am to 8pm

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