Facial Care

All facial treatments begin with a consultation and skin analysis. Our aestheticians can also personalize your treatment by offering a home plan tailored to your needs and expectations.

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Biologique Recherche®

With authentic, well-balanced and concentrated products, Biologic Recherche is a brand known all over the world for its high efficiency. Targets and treats: adapted to all types of skin like normal to mixes also for the specific needs of the skin such as active acne or acne scars, pigment spots, Biologique Recherche expertise combine with their well-balanced and concentrate products.

Moisturising and Brightening Facial

60 min $180

Moisturizes, illuminates and smoothes: refreshing treatment that makes your complexion glow, tone the pores and leaves your skin moisturized.

Lipid Restoring Facial

60 min $180

Moisturizes, protects and balances: a nourishing and moisturizing treatment that rebalances the skin’s natural PH and returns its suppleness and brightness.



A complete line of products with the purest ingredients. Suitable for all skin types. Their formulation, with highly-concentrated active substances, helps restore health, youth and beauty.

Dermalogica Proskin 60

60 min | $100  

The Proskin 60 treatment from Dermalogica is a unique experience with a personalized approach. Lasting 60 minutes, this treatment is adapted to each step according to the skin analysis performed by your skin care professional. A unique modular approach that maximizes each step of treatment by using a combination of techniques and products according to your skin’s needs.

Dermalogica Proskin 30

30 min | $60  

The Proskin 30 treatment is an alternative for people in a hurry, this express facial will give you an immediate boost so you can face the day with energy and vivacity.

New Dermalogica Pro Bright Facial

60 min | 150$  

Our new Dermalogica Pro Bright facial is now available!

This high intensity treatment stimulates the absorption of vitamin C to effectively reduce pigment spots and instantly reveal a visibly even complexion and brighter, smoother skin.




Bioeffect Anti-Aging Egf Facial

60 min $150

The Epidermis Growth Factor is the key to the BioEffect facial treatment. The products from Iceland are famous for their purity and anti-aging properties. Your skin will be visibly younger, firmer and healthier. For all age and skin types.




Luzern Oxygen Facial Treatment

60 min $175

This oxygen infusion treatment revitalizes and smoothes the skin. The organic extracts and serums with hyaluronic acid penetrate deeply and leave you with hydrated and plumped skin.


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