The Hammam Experience



The relaxing, purifying benefits of this hot, humid steam treatment draw its origins from traditional Moroccan baths. Scented with eucalyptus and heated to 36oC, the steam eliminates toxins, activates blood circulation, eases muscle tension and clears airways.










Sessions include a locker access, bathrobe, towel and slippers as well as a selection of teas. Ten-session subscriptions are valid for one year.


Hammam session included with any treatment 60 minutes and over.




For total relaxation, complete your hammam session with traditional treatments, known for their nourishing, restructuring and regenerative properties. Bringing you the best that nature and Middle East tradition have to offer, our treatments are developed with Charme d’Orient products, a pure and natural cosmetic line made from organic argan oil. Rich in antioxidants, these products also help to fight the signs of ageing and sagging of the skin.

All treatments take place in a private steam room and accommodate all skin types.


These revitalizing massages provide a unique wellness sensation. Offered in the Hammam, the massages help eliminate toxins while releasing muscle tension. They also help to absorb our traditional products. Chose from:


Massage with Argan Oil
This organic argan oil is a rare, precious product and offers unrivaled moisturizing properties.

Scented Massage Oils
These high-quality aromatherapy oils are alcohol free and concocted with sweet almond oil.



Our Eastern-inspired exfoliations begin in a shower scented with “fruit,” “flowers,” “oriental sweets” or “oriental perfumes.” Afterward, experience full body renewal with the application of pure argan oil or scented oils.


Purifying Black Soap Exfoliation

This treatment begins with a black soap scrub formulated from olive oil and olive paste, followed by an invigorating scrub with a Kessa glove to remove impurities and dead cells, leaving the skin silky smooth. The final application of pure argan oil moisturizes and renews the body.


Invigorating Alum Scrub
This scrub incorporates alum powder, abundant in purifying properties, as well as the sweetness of honey and royal jelly. It leaves the skin silky and fragrant while offering an uncompromised sense of wellbeing.


Regenerating Scrub with Rose Crystals and Argan Shell
This treatment incorporates sugar crystals, pink clay and argan nuts for a sensory experience that leaves your skin gently exfoliated.




Traditional Hammam Ritual

Inspired by traditional techniques, this ritual is a soothing journey that stimulates blood circulation while exfoliating and cleansing the skin. The treatment begins with a relaxing escape in the Hammam then moves on to a black soap and Kassa glove body scrub, a detoxifying rhassoul body wrap and pure argan oil massage.


At Desert’s Door Ritual

A nomadic escape that travels from one wellbeing checkpoint to the next, this ritual offers a Berber cereal seed scrub, a honey and royal jelly wrap and a massage with shea butter and argan oil.


The Secrets of Argan Ritual

Be whisked away to the heart of Morocco! This treatment consists of a scrub with mineralizing rose crystals and argan shell, a rhassoul wrap and an argan butter sculpting, which leaves the skin wonderfully smooth.


Turkish Bath Ritual

All the know-how of the Turkish bath tradition is ever apparent in this unique ritual. It begins with a stone alum scrub and is followed by two sculptings: the first with a silky, cleansing foam cloud and the second with argan oil. The ritual helps the skin regain its original glow.


Doors of India Ritual

In India, chickpeas and sesame are frequently used for their purifying properties. This treatment begins with a body scrub followed by a chickpea wrap with sesame cream and a massage with sesame oil.




Sesame Treatment

In India, sesame’s known for its body-and-mind benefits. Its many virtues contribute to this nourishing, moisturizing facial. For sensitive, dehydrated skin.



A glowing treatment that offers the skin immediate radiance and provides you with a unified, pearly complexion. For dull and tired skin.


Oriental Beauty

Suitable for all skin types, this treatment derived from Eastern traditions detoxifies, hydrates and regenerates—preserving youth and radiance. For all skin types.

Belle Nigelle

Formulated with products enriched with black cumin oil, this treatment—inspired by ancient remedies of the Pharaohs—is ideal for sensitive or irritated skin with its soothing ingredients and conditioners. For sensitive skin.


Treatment for Men

Moisturizing and cleansing. For all skin types.


Black Cumin for Men

Calming and moisturizing. For sensitive skin.











In the Eastern tradition, Aleppo soap from Syria was used for purification. It consists of olive oil, which nourishes and softens the skin and laurel berry oil, known for its antiseptic properties. This ritual perfectly cleanses the skin.



This relaxing treatment purifies and hydrates the skin with organic ingredients.


A relaxing treatment that stimulates the scalp’s blood circulation, it increases oxygenation while restoring vitality to dry and damaged hair.



A moisturizing, clay based hair mask, this treatment absorbs excess sebum, prevents hair loss and provides perfectly silky results.