Massages Signature

Four-Hand Massage

60 min $170

A perfectly synchronized, four-hand massage that relieves stress. Inspired by Swedish massage techniques and by the gentle, fluid movements of the Californian massage. Hot stones are incorporated as well as the subtle scent of pure argan oil.


À la Carte Massages

Swedish Relaxation Massage

60 min $110 | 90 min $155 | 120 min $190

A perfect introduction to the benefits of massotherapy. A relaxing massage that invigorates from head to toe with soft intensity. It relieves muscle tension while improving blood and lymphatic circulation for a relaxing feeling of well-being.

Swedish Deep Therapeutic Massage

60 min $125 | 90 min $170 | 120 min $205

A revitalizing, high-intensity massage, customized to individual symptoms. Firm and penetrating movements mainly target affected body parts and muscle chains. Relieves specific muscle tension and joint pain while improving range of motion.

Deep Tissue Massage

60 min $125 | 90 min $170 | 120 min $205

A deep massage most often given without oil. Slow, short movements targeting the deepest layers of the body. Relaxes muscles and releases tension in sensitive areas. The use of the fingers, fists, elbows and forearms produce a treatment that can be adapted to different needs. Ideal for relieving chronic pain and improving postural balance.

Sports Massage

60 min $125 | 90 min $170 | 120 min $205

Caters to sportsmen and women by improving motion and mobility while soothing specific problem areas. Prepares the muscles and joints to prevent injury and accelerate performance and also relieves tension and spasms to speed up recovery. Slight pain may result.

Lomi Lomi Massage

60 min $125 | 90 min $170 | 120 min $190

Inspired by ancient Hawaiian traditions, this massage combines long, flowing and smooth movements with pressure applied by the therapist’s hands and forearms. It is ideal to release all the tensions and restore energy in your body.

Hot Stone Massage

60 min $165 | 90 min $200 | 120 min $235

A head to toe massage with warm volcanic stones covered in oil. This technique combines hot stones placed at specific points of the body, as well as a gentle massage with the stones themselves. The volcanic stones, once immersed in boiling water, retain their heat. Improves energy circulation, stimulates the immune system and detoxifies.

Prenatal Massage

60 min $125 | 90 min $170

Relaxing massage with neutral oil to relieve the heaviness and tension experienced during pregnancy. Improves sleep and achieves a feeling of well-being. This massage can only be performed after the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Shiatsu on Table

60 min $125 | 90 min $170 | 120 min $190

A Japanese massage technique that applies pressure on specific acupuncture meridians along the back, arms and legs. Practised over clothing, on a massage table with the thumbs and palms, it relieves stress and pain by stimulating the body’s vital energy flow. Comfortable clothing is necessary to allow for ease of movements.

Foot Reflexology

60 min $125 | 90 min $170

Manual pressure stimulates the reflex points under the sole of the feet. According to the principles of Chinese medicine, each reflex point corresponds to a part of the body. Hence, the purpose of the technique is to locate and soothe pain while inducing peace and deep relaxation.

Lymphatic Drainage

90 min $170 | 120min $190

Aids in detoxifying and eliminating waste. This light, pulsating massage drains the lymphatic tissues, helping stimulate the metabolism and reducing overall fatigue.


60 min $125 | 90 min $170

**LIMITED PLACES** Facial remodeling massage. Use of certified Japanese techniques. Kobido helps to firm the facial skin and reconnects your body and mind. Drains the face and brings nutrients to your cells for a rested and plumped up face.

Thai yoga

60 min $125 | 90 min $170 | 120 min $190

Combines deep stretching, guided yoga postures and pressure along the energy lines. The massotherapist uses thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows and feet to relieve tension, improve flexibility and balance vital energy.Practised on a floor mat without oil and over clothing. Comfortable clothing is necessary to allow for ease of movements.

Massage with Perfumed Oils

60 min $155

Massage with Argan Oil

60 min $155

Massage for Two

Share the experience. These massages are offered in a special room for two.



Additional Services

Scalp and Face

30 min $55 


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