Advanced Facial Care



A progressive exfoliation technique that replenishes the face and renews the skin’s surface. Upper layers of dead cells are removed, allowing the skin to breathe better and absorb the applied products properly.

In one session, you’ll notice softer skin and a brighter, oxygenated complexion. After several sessions, the treatment refines lines, wrinkles, pores and scars. For visible results, microdermabrasion is recommended as a course of treatment. It can also be combined with facial care for better absorption of ingredients.

A free 15min consultation is required for new clients.

1 Full Treatment Session

50 min $130



Led-Luminotherapy + Microdermabrasion

For maximum treatment results, combine the LED-Luminotherapy and microcurrent treatment with microdermabrasion.

1 Session.

75 min | $160


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